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Sunday, February 13, 2011

Christmas Gifts Revisited

Before Christmas, I spent some time, with my good friend Marlene, and her delicious beads that she has for her bead business, Licorice Whip Designs. I used a few of her pieces as inspiration for some of the gifts I made for people (why invent the wheel, right?) and came up with some designs in my own. After a beading day at Auntie Ems, I also created a necklace for my sister using something that Laura made in another class she took. I have to say it was alot of fun and, thankfully, everyone I gave presents to loved them - always a worry for me whenever I give anything handmade as a gift. (point in case -- two pieces that I made out of swarovski pearls and crystals that was definitely not liked at all. alot of time and effort went into it - and it wasnt cheap either - for me to take it back. ah well. lesson learned even though i really should have known better. haha) I discovered a HUGE problem with this method though ... I liked everything I was making. I mean, really liked it. Like "I want one too" liked it. So everyone's Christmas gifts because my Christmas gifts too. One for them. One for me. Good theory, right? I'd like to think so.

I am teaching a couple of classes at Auntie Ems over March Break. March Break Madness for kids, to be exact. I have a Lesley Langdon inspired canvas for one and to another canvas project to work on this week alone with a couple of beading projects for the younger kiddies to do. Trying to create for 8+ and 10+ is a bit challenging, I have to admit but it will definitely be fun ... I just hope people sign up! I am also teaching a bracelet class on the 26th as well as another class, yet to be determined. Very exciting.

Speaking of Auntie Em's ... she is hosting a NavCan weekend on April 8, 9, & 10. She will not be bringing her store however, I do believe that a field trip will be planned for those who wish to do some shopping. If my numbers are correct, it is $195.00/person to share a room and $265.00 if you want to have your own room. I know that there are some suites available but those numbers I am not sure about. Will I see you there?

Off to enjoy a creative day in the 'studio' (i dont only scrap there, right? sure!) as well as a creative day behind the mop and broom with dishpan hands covered in laundry lint. Sounds divine, doesnt it?

ETA - I've been trying to add photos for several hours now but it's just not working.  Am I the only one having trouble with this new "Google Cloud Picker" thing?  I've even reduced the sizes from 6mb to 539kb and it keeps telling me that the feature I have requested is unavailable or the circles just keep turning but the upload never happens.  Grr.  Beyond frustrating.  I guess I will have to try again another time -- or another post.  Sorry! 

ETA pt. 2 - Looks like lucky attempt number 23 is the charm.  Grr.


Kataroo said...

Those march break classes sound so fun, I wish I was 8 again :) Your one busy teacher! Go Mell Go :) Really glad to see you in your creative element.
PS. I especially love the red necklace.

Stay Funny said...

Wow! Beautiful Mellisa! Love the bleu and black. Stunning!

George Strong said...

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