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Wednesday, February 2, 2011

My Baby's 12 & a mini

I see people write that all the time.  "My Baby's ___ !!!" but have never been able to nor will I likely ever be.  Two legged babies just don't seem to be in the cards for me but I do have my four legged babies.  More babies than pets, I have to admit.  Tucker, my oldest dog, is 12 today.  I can't believe it.  No one can.  He is still so spry and energetic - it's wonderful.  Happy Birthday, my Tucky-luck.  Heres to many, many more years together. 

On the creative front, I have been busy.  I actually did a quick mini with the leftover goodies from Bo Bunny's "Peacock Lane" entitled 'House of Three' (and thank you House of 3 ladies for lending me your company name for my mini. ).  Each insert has a title and, when read together, the titles read:

Brother and sister, through the years. 
Siblings by chance, friends by choice. 
Always and forever, I love you.

I still struggled with this line because it is just not me but it was fun working out of the norm, despite that struggle.  I think maybe next time I work out of the norm, I will do it by scrap lifting a layout.  Who knows ... it might be yours.  *wink*

ETA - okay.  we're all outta luck for now.  For some reason it wont let me upload any more pictures and I've tried a ton of things.  I guess it's going to have to wait until later today - when the bugs are hopefully all worked out.  It 1:32am and I need to hit the sack!

Sweet Dreams.


Kataroo said...

TEASE!!!!!!!!!!! Here I am all excited to see the mini....evil I tell you:)

HAPPY BDAY TUCKER!!! Does he still fetch things between you and Kevin like a waiter :) That's so cool :)

Emma said...

ok it's later today! show me the money oops i mean pictures!! teehee
I know I'll see it in person tomorrow but I don't know if I can wait!!
Are you regretting this yet - your next collection you like - yes - no?