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Saturday, February 26, 2011

Who's Interested??

I'm in the mood for some "assembly line" type projects and thought I would put this out there for my few blog readers to see if there was any interest.  If you'd like, you are welcome to repost on your own blog, share with your friends or link them here for more information.  The more the merrier.

What I am proposing is an ATC/Artist Trading Card swap.  Something fun and artsy.  Simple and Sweet.  Something made in multiple quantities and shared with others.  I have a binder specifically for my ATCs but it is filling up none too fast.  Besides, how fun is it to have only my stuff in there anyways?  A variety of styles are best really and I would love to include something you made to the mix.   Not sure what an ATC is?  Click here for a description, here for some samples provided by Google Images, here for samples provided by an ATC Flickr group or here for tutorials on YouTube.

If you are interested, please sign up by commenting below.  If I don't have your contact information, please use the 'Email Me' link on the right of the page to send me your email address.  (I will need this once the swap is closed to share my snail mail address in order for items to be mailed to me).  Sign ups are no later than Friday March 4th with a postal date no later than Friday March 25th.  This will allow three weeks for the creative process once final numbers are posted. 

How the swap works:
  • You will make one ATC card, of the same style, for every person in the swap, including yourself. 
  • On the back of each ATC card, you will include your name and date (March 2011).  You may also include your blog address and edition information.  (ie 1of 25, 2/25, etc.  the second number may change depending on the final number of people in the swap.)  This part is up to you.
  • The swap will be capped at 25 participants. (not that I am anticipating that many - but that would be most excellent, I have to admit!)  
  • Items will be placed in the mail no later than Friday March 25th and will include a self-addressed stamped envelope with one additional stamp in the package 'just in case.' - depending on the materials used, the package you receive may be slightly heavier than the one you sent.
  • It is recommended that ATC cards are placed in a ziplock bag, with a seperate piece of paper that has has your mailing address, in order to provide extra protection should damage come to your mailing envelope.  This step is completely optional. 
  • I will sort the ATC cards, repackage and have postal to you no later than Friday March 8th.  This allows two weeks for your items to get to me, be resorted into new packages and mailed out. 
  • Note that if all ATCs are received before the deadline, items will go postal before Friday March 8th.
ATCs really are fun pieces of miniature art that allow us to go out of the box, whether it be with our scrapbooking or our mixed media skills.  ATCs allow you to create either in or out of your comfort zone - anything goes.  It is a great way to try new things and experiment with different ideas and styles.  Also, there is something about creating an assembly line of the same that feels almost rewarding and accomplishing.

If all goes well and an interest is expressed, I would definitely be up for doing more ATC swaps in the future.
** crossing my fingers. ** hopefully there is interest.

As always, happy creating and I hope to see the most comments ever on my blog.  You know you want to ... :o)


Emma said...

Mell do you the postal will start April 8th!!?? Maybe we should bring this idea to Friday night crop with some samples and tips!!??

Emma said...

opps I mean did you mean the postal will start April 8th?!

Louise Dubord said...

Hey Mell, great idea and so well explained! I would love to participate, but I will have to wait for the next one, since the dates are not good for me.

Stay Funny said...

skipping my turn, this time around, but maybe next time. Too much on my plate with the Art journals and class commitments.
AND not sure I told you or not, but I found your ATC's that you had left me for the last swapp at the Box, we really need to get together so I could give them back! (maybe this is the kick in the b*t to finally see each other) :)