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Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Welcome back, Mellisa

So the results aren't great but they are just that .... results.  I did my first scrapbook page in about a year.  Maybe more.  It was using the Peacock line from Bo Bunny and very difficult for me.  While the colours are beautiful, they are not the ones that I normally to work with.  But I challenged myself .... and I am done.  Here is a nice little tease to get you interested but, if you want to see the whole thing, then you need to visit me here.


Kataroo said...

I like that your challenging yourself...I am firm believer that you have to move outside your comfort zone to grow :) I bet you rocked it :)

Anonymous said...

omg girl..incredible work...look at how creative you have been. I really need to get back into things, it seems like I have been hidden from it all(not even surfing peeps blogs :( ) Life has seemed to consume me all up. Miss you dearly...maybe we can create together sometime soon and get me out of this rut.


Stay Funny said...

Looks amazing! Beautiful work and happy you challenged yourself and look at the result! Great job! xx