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Sunday, February 6, 2011

Go Packers, Go.

I started this bracelet a while back and finished it on Friday night while at Auntie Ems.  We are going to do a class on it at the store so I kept the colours neutral and, in hindsight, there is one spot that I will add another bead.  It was a pretty straight forward design that I will definitely make again ... but in a more colourful fashion next time.

Tonight, during Superbowl, I will bead my way through the plays, also making something else for a class that I will teach at Auntie Ems. I have to say ... this design team stuff is fun (and it doesnt hurt that Emma & Laura are pretty awesome too.)

Speaking of Superbowl Sunday ... Stéphanie *ahem* Where are my pictures?? I asked and asked and asked and asked alas ... pas de photo. That's okay though ... this year you will owe ME one when the PACKERS win. Go green!!! Not sure what I am talking about? Each year, Stéphanie and I make a little scrapbooking wager as to who is going to win the Superbowl. The first two years I won and am now the proud owner to two Stéphanie layouts. Last year she won however this year .... I am going to reclaim my title.

I continue to work on my Art Journal Everyday, little bits at a time, and am now doing a page for an art journal swap I am doing too.  Yesterday I spent part of the day making paper flowers as well.  A couple of them turned out well but there is one style that I just can not figure out and, if I am doing it the right way, the results are certainly not the same.  I have discovered that art journalling is way out of my comfort zone but I won't give up.  Hopefully it will one be well within my level of comfort ... hopefully.


Kataroo said...

I love the bracelt and really like the black colors...will go with so much. What's the main part made of a chain or is a bunch of metal rings?

Rachel said...

Great job on the bracelet Mellisa! :) Happy to hear the DT at AE is going so wonderful .. was thinking of the annual bet this superbowl, wondering if you girls were going to indulge! Keep the creativity pumping!!!!!!!!!!!! :)