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Sunday, January 3, 2010

~Artist 365~ Pure Sweetness

While many people chose to participate in several "Photo-a-Day" or "Layout-a-Day" groups, I know that there is now way that I will commit myself to that.  Even if I started out with the best of intentions, I know that, at some point down the road, I will not continue.  While reviewing my Facebook daily feed yesterday, I saw that a fellow scrapper joined a group called ~Artist 365~.  Intrigued, I went to check it out and loved what I saw.  As the title says, it is a year long challenge but it is simply the challenge to be creative.  Whether it be scrapbooking, photography, or creative writing, anything goes as long as you are being creative.   To me and for me, that is feasible and realistic. If you are on my Facebook Friends list, I have created an album as a place to post this creative goodness.  Otherwise, I will post things on my blog randomly.

I love Photoshop.  I am in awe of what can be done using Photoshop.  Unfortunately, I do not know how to use Photoshop.  I have a basic understaning -- maybe even more than some of my blog buddies -- but I am limited.  I long to do really cool photo edits.  I drool over designers like Rhonna Ferrar and Jessica Sprague and, even thought I would never give up my chunky scrapbooking ways, I would love to be able to edit photos like they do or create elements to add to those pages.  Tonight I started out looking for a simple tutorial on photo editing and wound up following a Jessica Sprague tutorial.  I would have loved to done all the elements as she did them but alas ... I didnt find everything easy to follow.  Because we use different software, some things could not be figured out.  Regardless, I am good with the final product.  I even used brushes for the first time  As I grow more and make *change* to my level of knowledge, maybe I will revisit this tutorial in the future and create another digital layout.  In the meantime ... happy creating.


Closet Artist said...

What a great picture!!! And excellent job on the LO.
I tried the daily photo last year and made it to March. It was very cool to look back at it this year {I kept it in a private blog} but was quite the undertaking. Still not sure what I may do this year.

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