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Saturday, January 9, 2010

a SPAtacular evening

What a great day to end off the week - great food at Le Caveau de Szechuan, a relaxing few hours at an outdoor spa, a night cap and all with a great friend. 

After realizing that we were both in dire need of a relaxing night out, Tanya and I planned our evening to the spa. I have been wanting to go to Le Nordik Spa for years but have never made it.  What a wonderful place.  So calm and relaxing.  It was wonderful.  The hot tubs were perfect, the cold tubs were freezing but felt good and the relaxation room was just that.  Having always wanted to experience this in the winter, I and so happy we went ... but am not sure that I will again.  Fall or spring is now my ideal time.  No frozen towel, no soaking wet housecoat,  no ice coated flip flops and no wet hands sticking to the metal rails as you exit the bath.  Despite all of those little funny moments, it truly was a great night and I slept more soundly than I have in months.  Hopefully Tanya and her Mom (who joined us too) did too after their stressful two weeks.

{{{{{{{{  HUGS to you. }}}}}}}}  I had a fabulously wonderful time.

(photos borrowed from Le Nordik)


Tanya said...

slept very well:) I am so glad we went....I am already missing the hot tubs!

Jeni Boisvert said...

Wow Gorgeous Pics! I'm so jealous, Glad you had a great time!!!