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Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Creatively Mine Playlist

In the beginning, it drove me crazy when music would blare out after a blog downloaded.  Eventually, I became "one of them."  I love knowing that music that I love to listen to is at my fingertips and I love that Tanya was able to put it front and center for me so that those who don't love it, can stop it asap.

In true "Mellisa" form, I have spent a couple of hours removing, replacing and adding songs to my playlist rather than doing homework.  From the 80's, 90's and 00's (seriously ... how do you say that?  the zero-zero's?  are we now in the 10's?), I have music from many genres.  Most importantly, many more Justin Timblerlake songs have been added *sigh* including my oh-so-favourite SNL skit. (note that this skit is not only the uncensored version, it also includes the follow up skit). If you listen to my playlist, enjoy the changes.  If you don't .... the pause button is ready for you!

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