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Sunday, January 17, 2010

Fun with Friends

I ventured out to hang out with Meg and Renee for a long overdue evening together.  What was supposed to be an afternoon/evening full of creating turned into a partial 6x6 done by Renee, a partial double 12x12 done by Meg and a bunch of quilt components pinned together for the next step by me.  Regardless of the lack of creating, the evening was great thanks to the wonderful company and the great conversation.  We capped our evening off with a trip to Starbucks before calling it a night.  Thank you, ladies.  I had a great time.  Much thanks to Renee's hubby for sharing his iPod touch and making me long for an iPhone even more and to her "Wee" for her adorableness. 

The trip home passed by quickly with a pitstop at the drugstore to pick up a few things.  Imagine my excitement when, whilst standing at the cash, I spotted the most incredibly delictable bin of chocolate waiting for me.  I am not a lover of chocolate but I do get a child-like excitement when I spot my first batch of Easter Cream Eggs of the year and have been known to let out an eye-turning *gasp* when I see them.  Honestly, I just can not help myself. 

Tomorrow (Sunday) will see me spending the day bunkered down in Starbucks with a very specific mission.  Operation: Homework.  I have some reading to do and really need to get started on my essay.  Doing it at home seems so much more logical than making the 30 min trek into the city but I am just not able to focus at home like I do when I am out.  Plus, there is just something soothing about sitting at Starbucks, laptop and books in hand, and enjoying a vanilla bean frappicino.  I seriously think that one of my three local towns really should consider in internet cafe with couches and comfy chairs.  I know I would be there all the time.

Enjoy the rest of your weekend.


Stay Funny said...

So happy you had fun with the girls, was really happy to see you (sorry I couldn't spend much time talking during my class). Ohhhh I know how much you like those easter treats! Good luck with your mission today! xx

Closet Artist said...

Thank you for coming over. It was a great time and I enjoyed my "playdate"!

And what is it about certain chocolates that make us go crazy? For me it is Turtles chocolates at Christmas time. I see them all year long yet once they are out among the holiday items, I HAVE to have them !!!

Good luck with the studies. A red velvet cupcake may help as well ! :D