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Friday, January 22, 2010

i *HEART* photography

While I don't often take (or make) the time to go out and to take photos, I absolutely love the process.  Looking at other photographers really inspires me and makes me long to learn more about being behind the lense.  Capturing that perfect shot makes me smile inside.  Applying different photo editing elements to my picture challenges me.   It is definitely a deep seeded passion that I haven't allowed to grow and come out. 

Unlike my friend, Marlene, I definitely do not have the patience for wildlife. Sitting for an hour to get that one opportunity for a bird that you have been waiting to see or that butterfly to land ever so delicately on the flower petals.  Landscape photos are fun and I do enjoy them but it isn't what captures my heart.  Families and children .. everyday moments ... the freshness of a new baby ... the innocence found in a child's eyes.  These are what pulls at my heart strings. 

Two ladies I love to admire are Jeni Boisvert and Maggie Holmes.  I first began admiring Jeni's scrapbooking style on Bad Girls but quickly learned, after a few visits to her blog, that she is a photographer by profession.  Oh what a talent.  I am actually not sure how I found Maggie Holmes, to be honest.  It was likely a link that linked to the link that eventually linked me there.  From her blog, where she posts pictures, I discovered that she too was a professional photographer and had a blog dedicated to it.  These ladies are truly talented and, if I could aspire to take photos like anyone, it would be Jeni and Maggie.  From the initial capture to the photoshop touch up to the final product, their style and flair keeps drawing me back to look for more. 

I have so much in life to figure out.  While I know the passion I would have as a teacher, it's the long road ahead that is going to give me struggles.  I am enjoying school but is there what I want to do 2 nights a week for the next 7 or so years?  For years I toyed with esthetics as a side job.  Every now and again I think ìs photography something I would - no, could - do as a second career (without giving up my current profession).  I am, by no means, a stellar photographer but is that something that evolves over time and with the addition of knowledge and practice?  So many questions and so few answers.  Wouldn't life be so much easier if we were born with a fact sheet with included what your perfect career would be as an adult?  Dare to dream ....


Tanya said...

go with your know what is best...and remember you always have a test model then maybe you could teach me how to use my camera so I switch to my manual

Anonymous said...

What a great resource!