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Thursday, February 4, 2010

The Beauty of Photoshop

This fall I had the pleasure of photographing a friends backyard wedding. Being a very amateur photographer mixed with the fact that a wedding is a huge deal made me rather nervous. Adding to that the fact that the guests did not respect the 'photographers perspective' and were constantly getting in my way for those crucial shots (no first kiss, no ring exchange ... oy!) as well as the major confetti throwing at the end of the ceremony (the father of the bride not only threw confetti at them but walked up to the alter, dumped an almost full bag directly on top of the bride's head and proceeded to mush it in .... and all after I begged him not to do it. Unhappy photographer. Unhappy bride), I am very grateful to have the power of photoshop on my side. With cropping and actions and filters, I was able to salvage some shots and remove the confetti from all her pictures. A very time consuming task but I just couldn't "put my name on it" - not that I have a name - for others to see. Needless to say, I was cursing her father throughout most of the process.

Tomorrow I will be giving the newlyweds another cd that will include all of the changes I made. Hopefully they will be happy with them ..... and her father will hear about how many hours it took me to remove that *&$# confetti! Here are some of my happier choices. TFL

Enjoy your day.  


famille1999 said...

I think you did a wonderful job Melly. There are some precious shots here. It's sad that people weren't able to respect the fact that you were doing something important for the bride and groom.

Closet Artist said...

Be proud since you did an amazing job.
Hmmm perhaps I may have to hire you to do some spring pics of my family!
Keep on shootin'!!

Stay Funny said...

loving your pics mell! Fabulous eye dear! Loving the one that she is smelling the flowers...

Kataroo said...

Beautiful pictures, I am sure she will treasure them.