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Friday, February 12, 2010

I've Been Liberated!

Tanya and I are going away to NavCan this weekend with some friends.  It is going to be my first time scrapping - - really scrapping - - since April 2009 (and even then I wouldn't considered that a scrapping weekend because truthfully, I got nothing done.)  I have to say though, I really am a tad overwhelmed.  Overwhelmed with the amount of things I have.  Overwhelmed with the preparation.  Overwhelmed with the process. Overwhelmed with the idea of creating.  I feel like the scrapping world has moved forward without me and I have to rediscover myself again.  In the beginning of 2009 I felt stuck.  Not sure where to go.  Not sure how to evolve in my creativity ... or if I even was at all.  Today I put some layouts away in their album and took a moment to look back at my earlier layouts.  While I can definitely see a change, I see alot of back and forth in my style.  Full pages to simple pages to full pages again.  Just before my hiatus, I was drawn to the simplier layout and find that I am still wanting to create with that style.  I am hoping to be able to make my layouts look creatively complete whilst embracing the white space. 

Wondering where I have been liberated yet?  In the past, when going away from these scrap-cations, my XXL tote was buldging at the seams.  My plastic Loblaws carrier (the purple ones) was almost spilling over.  I often had a shoulder bag to hold items.  My tool kit was an entity unto itself.  Well ladies ... i did it!!!!  It may be 3am but I did it, none the less.  My XXL tote is packed and there is even room to spare.  I have nothing in the 3 side pockets and there are no extra bags to bring along.  Of course, the tool kit can not be packed because of the style so I have to carry that.  I decided to jump on the "scrap kit express"  and sketched out the layouts I wanted to do.  I bought some 15.5" x 13" zip lock bags from Zellers and filled them up.  I have a total of 8 page kits and one mini album kit.  I put my kleenex box, MM Slice (and cartridges), my large cup for bringing icy drinks back to the room, Cuttlebug folders, all of my containers holding my brads, bling, eyelets, etc., and a few random things in my XXL tote.  (did i mention that i even have room to spare?)   Who knows if I will get through it all but at least I am good to go and completely prepared.  I will use what I packed and won't have lugged hoards of stuff for nothing.  The preperation is so much more but, in the long run, it really is easier.  I am so happy that I tried this and am now completely liberated.  From now on, kitting is the only way to go!

Now let the fun begin.  I had to take a family day today and have a personal day tomorrow.  Monday being Family Day, I don't have to go back until Tuesday.  A 5 day weekend .... who could complain about that?  Since my cell phone is fried from the flood (don't bother calling or texting ... I won't be able to get it until I get a new phone), I may just turn off the ringers and stay snug as a bug on Monday and create more. 

With that I bid you all a wonderful long weekend and Happy Valentines Day to those who celebrate.  In the meantime, BRACE YOURSELF, BLOGGERS.  My next post will actually contain layouts!

Happy Friday.

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Rachel said...

Have an awesome time this weekend ... and sounds like you are all prepped indeed! Looking froward to seeing your work! :)