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Friday, February 26, 2010


well - - a half hearted 'woohoo' at least.  While I am finally functioning with a cell phone again after 3 weeks (less a day) without one, the phone that I am using sucks.  It took two weeks for Telus to order me a new Blackberry Curve and then , when i went to pick it up, they failed to mention that I was supposed to bring my damaged one so I left empty handed.  Then I got it in my head .... lets get the phone I really, really want and have wanted for some time now.  An iPhone.  So I am holding out, borrowing a friends old Blackberry Pearl (which I hate - pls dont text me. argh)  but at least I have a communication tool again.  In the meantime ... if you want to sell your iphone at a reasonable price, give me a shout!  lol

On the upside, I crafted last night.  I was in the mood for some assembly line stuff so I made 8 ATC cards.  The looked better in my head - and they werent as time consuming - but they are done and I am not unhappy with them.  I will post a couple of pictures over the weekend.

Speaking of which - - HAPPY FRIDAY.  Enjoy your weekend ahead.


Stay Funny said...

Cool about the phone and finnaly will be easier to communicate ;)...

Can't wait to see your ATC!

So are we meeting up after my vet appointment with Greedo? Let me know...

Hugs ♥ xx

tinascrapbooking said...

You'll love your iphone, so worth the wait :)
Glad to see you scrapping again!!