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Monday, February 8, 2010

In the lingo of today's youth ... FML!

Okay ... seriously ... FML is a tad overdoing it when you consider disease and disaster but, in that perfect moment last night, FML was all I could think about.  (not up-to-date with the latest teen jargon ... read more here to get the just) 

Ready to settle down in front of the tv for a movie and supper (not just supper but the supper that I had been craving all week ... spaghetti loaded with parmesan cheese), K calls up to me while the pasta was cooking:

K - what the h*ll are you doing up there?  (very loud and urgently)                       
M - making supper                                                                                              
K - what are you DOING up there? (same tone *sigh*)                                       
M - why are you yelling up to me like that?  what does it matter?                          
(uh oh-what is that noise in the bathroom?)                                                   

I quickly run into the bathroom to see my floor completely covered in about an inch of water and still pouring out of the toilet.  Then I hear it .... the worst thing possible.  (okay .. maybe not the worst thing possible but I was living in that moment when I thought of it) 

K - your scrapbook stuff is getting ruined ....                       

OH-EM-GEE!!!  I panicked.  "screw the floors," I though.  "F*** the hardwood," I cursed.  And flying down the stairs I went. 

You see ... when a person doesn't really scrapbook for more than 9 months things pile up.  I am not a naturally neat person so it piled and piled and piled.  (clean, yes. neat ... not so much.  i would LOVE tips on how to stay clutter-free, btw.  someone help me.  ahhhh)  The only space that was functional on my large scrapping surface (I admit embarrassingly) was the computer space.  I moved fast to salvage what I could, reaching big items first.  My Slice .... survived.  My Cuttlebug .... good to go but for a disinfecting wipe.  Scenic Route paper - not so lucky.  So long to my 15 or so fave sheets of lined paper.  It was great having you Tim Holtz tickets and goodies.  Thankfully, alot of things were in photoboxes for storage so that is all that got ruined.  Many things were still in packaging also (which is scary since I havent really shopped since April '09 either) so the product was saved and pakcaging was thrown out.  My Donna Downey projects are a little water logged but survived none-the-less.  Sadly however, the death of my blackberry was inevitable.  I was using it just before I went to make supper and left it by the computer.  It really had no chance at all since it was in the line of fire, so to speak.  It was completely water logged.  My track ball now represented the letter 'Q' before it quit on me altogether.  I have dried it out and am hoping that when I go and plug it in, it will be all dry and functional.  I am not holding my breath though.  Because I am only 10 months into my 3 year term, all I can do is purchase a new one.  There is nothing to cover events like this.  Bye bye Red.  It was fun while it lasted.

In the meantime, we have learned that it was not the septic tank that backed up like we initially thought.  (huge sigh if relief since I thought I was full of 'stuff' from hurridly moving things about whilst being drenched from above.)  We now know that we can flush the toilet (thank gawd) and have quick showers but can not run the washing machine - as we learned after testing our theory in a controlled environment tonight.  Still not sure what is causing this to happen.  K is going to experiment more tomorrow and I will hopefully have things at full function soon.  Tomorrow's trip to the laundry mat isn't going to be fun.  yuck!

On the upside to my weekend, even though we had to cancel our Superbowl party due to lack of facilities, my team won.  **WOOT*WOOT**  Tonight is the first time in history that the New Orleans Saints made it to the Super Bowl.  Actually, it is the first time ever that they even made it that far.  What a fabulous win for them and the city if New Orleans.  I should clarify, however, that the NOS are not really 'my' team - they are simply the team that I picked for my annual challenge with St├ęphanie and was solely picked because I love Keeping Up with the Kardashians and Kim's beau Reggie Bush plays for them.  Whatever works, I guess. lol  Woohooo Chiqua-bella.  Better luck next year (and i missed you tonight, silly girl)  I look forward to having another Stay Funny Design to add to my collection.

As for the week ahead, it is a busy one.  Trips to the laundry mat, prepping and packing for NavCan, MIL having surgery (which wouldn't be such a big deal but for the fact that she has a really bad heart), TEACCH training at work and a bunch of little, every day things. 

Happy Monday to all. Here is to a week of productivity, uneventfulness, and fulfillment.


Stay Funny said...

Congrats on winning our annual Superbowl layout contest! Well we will need to take fresh new pics for both our layouts.

Ouffffff so happy that it's less worst than what you think it was at first... Sorry about the line paper and Tim tickets.

And for yout phone...
Hope your week goes well and good packing for Navcan

Kataroo said...

I feel so badly for your scrappies and you :( That is really really crappy...I hope your weekend away is 500% awesome to help cheer you up :)

Closet Artist said...

How is the clean up going? Find the problem yet?
Goodbye to red but perhaps hello to a new iPhone?! lol And I may have 1 or 5 or 10 sheets of Scenic Route lined paper that you are more than welcome to have!