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Sunday, February 28, 2010

Pure Sweetness

As you may recall, I did a digital layout of Pure Sweetness back in January.  As a last minute NavCan kit, I threw together a few things that would allow me to recreate this layout.  As great as digital is, I am still one who loves the lumps and bumps of the traditional layout.

the colours in this layout are exaggerated some, thanks to the flash.  The purples are not all that purple and some of the browns are not so dark.

I have always been so very proud to be Canadian for many reasons and now I add another.  To all of our Olympians - with a glowing heart - bravo!
You represented yourselves - and us - with pride.


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Kataroo said...

Oh yes I agree I love the lumps and bumps...I love the way you used the corrugated cardboard.