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Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Family Bracelet

I was inspired by what I found via a link on Ali Edwards blog a few weeks back. Thanks to a friend in the beading business, she hooked me up and ordered the charm I needed to complete my bracelet.  It was the perfect end to my NavCan weekend.   I narrowed down the words to my top 10 and K picked the one he thought was best suited for me. I took the bead idea from a chain and added that to my bracelet thus coming up with my new family bracelet. The pink swarovski crystal represents October (Hannah's birth month), the blue represents December (K's birth month) and the last one represents January - me.  I love the link chain but it is just not bracelet material although perfect for a necklace.  Within 5 minutes and whilst walking to the washroom, my bracelet went flying.  Those links just weren't made for walking, it seems.  Sadly, I had to give it back to Marlene but I know she will come up with a stronger solution so I can have the look I want.  I can't wait to get it back and wear it.  In the meantime, I have these photos to share and enjoy.

PS - it doesn't hurt that my best friend's birthday is also in December ... two birds with one stone to carry close to my heart. yay!


Tanya said...

i think it turned out beautifully..and I think I will have to make something likt this for me :)

Closet Artist said...

Beautiful piece and such a special item to wear.