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Monday, February 15, 2010

My Creative Escape

I was lucky enough to go for a creative weekend at NavCan.  After packing lightly for the first time ever - and thanks to the discovery of the page kits - I was more productive than I have ever been at any other crop.  Because I had to use what I had an there were no embellishments to sort through or ribbons to chose from, I completed 7 single layouts and 1 double.  That left me with 2 page kits that didn't get completed.  Not too bad, all in all  ... or I don't think, at least.  While my layouts have the simple look, I can't believe how time consuming most of them were.  Between the double page taking me all Friday night and a few that took a couple hours each due to time consuming elements, I wasn't as productive as I had hoped but alas ... I am not complaining.  I also could have produced on more layout Sunday afternoon but I made a family bracelet with the goodies I had ordered from Marlene the week before.  It is simple but effective. 

"For the Love of Dogs"

"Then & Now"

"1000 Islands"

"Life is not a destination, but a journey"

"The Good Life"
{one of the time consuming ones no thanks to the hand embroidered dog house}

{product challenge with Tanya}


"Canon Girl"
{another time consumer.  lots of pictures to cut, organize and prioritize.  'canon' was originally white then hand coloured using india ink and a nib pen.  letters covered in glossy accents}

Tanya & I late Saturday nights
{wow - this puts a whole new perspective my hair issues.}

So there you have it.  My weekend of creating.  If it wasnt for the fact that we are still having issues with our plumbling, I would have hauled out that last page kit and created it.  Instead, I crawled into bed at 8:30 and laid their in silence until midnight-ish.  Tanya currently has the photo of my family bracelet so you will just have to peek back in at a later day.

Happy Family Day.


Tanya said...

love each and everyone of those layouts!And so very happy to have gone and spent the time with you!!!

Kataroo said...

My fav is the cannon LO, and I love the hand embroidered dog house, and the metal frame on just one of the doggie pics...really cool. Glad to see you scrapping.

PS. That pic of you and Tanya is really cute!

Rachel said...

You were productive indeed! WOW! i love the hand embroidery .. and the LO you did of you and Tan! Gorgeous work!

R :)

famille1999 said...

Awesome production Melly! Love the hand embroidery! I'm glad that you found your groove back during the weekend. :)

one and one + two said...

Love your layouts! And the making the kits for yourself - that is what I did when I went to NavCan too - it forces me to just use what I brought, and stick to the plan...otherwise I would just spend all my time looking thru my paper and embellies and thinking how pretty everything was and never getting anything done!

It's great to hear you had a good time!

Stay Funny said...

WOW! Mell!
you are back~!
Congratulations on the page kits! looks like you were productive! so happy that you and tanya + the girls had a good weekend! Enjoy your week - sorry that you had yet again some problems with your plubling.... shhhhhh