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Saturday, January 24, 2009

5 Faves Friday - 01/23

This is my first 5 Faves Friday entry inspired from Bad Girls. In a nutshell, every Friday you take a moment to reflect at the week past and list your 5 favourite things of the week. It could be a moment, a thought, a sighting, a memory. After perusing the blogs of other fave friday gals, I see lots of photos and visuals to go along with their top 5. Next week I will try to be better prepared. Until then, here is my first 5 Faves Friday entry:
  1. Spending Monday with my Mommabrother, sister and husband as well as my Momma's husband. We celebrated my birthday. My Momma made delicious chicken breast, veggies and a very tastey garden salad. It was a simple meal - just what I wanted. The best part was the conversation afterwards. My brother, who turned 23 in Nov, was speaking on levels that I had never heard him speak before. I felt like I was really getting to know the man that he has/is becoming. With an 11 year age gap, that was a really special moment for me.
  2. My Bloody Valentine. Can you say "el-stupido?" I didn't have high expectations going in but the laughter got me through the week. Hmmm. Serial killer. Blood. Guts. Laughter. Which one of these things aren't like the others?
  3. Spending Thursday at home. I was out Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday and Friday. It felt good.
  4. Finishing a layout that I started on the weekend. It followed a Becky Fleck/Basic Grey sketch. It took a bit but it has grown on me.
  5. Wii. I finally got one. Just so happens that Best Buy had a delivery that morning and there were some left. I just finished playing each game once as well as doing the fitness test. Lets just say that I should be collecting my old age pension with the results. Oy!


Closet Artist said...

We happened upon our Wii the same way. We just happened to be in Toys R Us and they received a whole pallet full. Hubby couldn't get in line fast enough!! LOL

Rachel said...

I loved reading that! :)