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Monday, January 12, 2009

ATC Mania

I finished up my ATCs for the January Scrapbox swap. They were a lot more time consuming that I had anticipated but c'est la vie. At least they are done. I am doing and trying different things in order to create different looks. My goal is to create ATC cards that are unique and not always so obviously me. Some months I will succeed. Some months it will be scrapbookey and very Mellisa-esque.

These two ATCs were made quickly, randomly and for no real purpose. Just to have and to be available to trade if I need extras. They are simple and lacking detail but I can always add to them later.


Barb said...

I love these... especially that snowman one. Hey, maybe I'll drop by the store on ATC night just to say hi. Is it this weekend?

Kataroo said...

really love the shabby chic ones :)

Rachel said...

That snowman was is seriously amazing... can you spare one? LOL

I agree with Katie on the shabby ATCs.. you are quite awesome at making these hun!