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Sunday, January 4, 2009


I am hosting an ATC swap over at Bad Girls. Truth me told, I had never actually made an ATC before but I was definitely intrigued. I also thought that a swap was a great way to kick start my collection and help others expand on theirs. I made enough for another swap, over at The Scrapbox, at the same time. The last Friday evening of each month, it is an ATC swap where ladies come with ATC's to trade. I have to say, I enjoyed ATCing. My cards for January's swap are almost done. A big head start but I have alterior motives for getting them done so early. Now we just need to see if the other party if going to follow through on his actions. Dare I dream?


one and one + two said...

Very nice! I am new to ATCs too - made my first one in November for Silver Bella - they are addictive, aren't they?!

Stay Funny said...

Love your ATC's Mell!
RealIy great for your first ones for sure!

After diner yesterday it was the first time I had a little bit of energy to do something creative!
My ATC for the BG swap are 1/4 done! Will mail them in the next days or so!

Closet Artist said...

1st time?!?! These are AMAZING and now you have the bug!! LOL

Barb said...

Those are beautiful ATCs, Melly! I love the design. :)

I never really got into collecting and trading ATCs, but I've made the odd one for a friend or two... it's a fun size to create in, for sure! Have fun with your swaps, and maybe the next time I see you, I'll have a little ATC to add to your collection. ;)

Kataroo said...

beautiful ATC's!!

Rachel said...

OH WOW! These rawk girl! Can't wait to see more!