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Saturday, January 24, 2009

SNL Short

I happened across this whilst I was looking for this, that and the other on You Tube. I thought it was hilarious when I saw it the night it aired and still think its a hoot now so - - - I thought I would share. (don`t forget to pause my playlist) It certainly doesn't hurt that I *heart* Justin Timberlake, either.

(for my blog readers that can't stand the playlist ... just wanted to point out that i moved it to the top of my blog so you would quickly be able to pause it upon your arrival.


Closet Artist said...

Mellisa you are terrible! LOL Ok I laughed and can't believe they actually sang those lyrics!!

And I am up for an antiquing road trip ANYTIME!! There is a fabulous store out Smith Falls way that is PACKED to the rafters and wall to wall and beyond. Even the yard is crammed with stuff! We must visit this one!!

Rachel said...

BAHAHAHAHA.. OMG I almost PIMP.... that is freakin AWESOME!

Got your message... in your settings go to formatting and scroll down to post template.. post your HTML code for your siggy in there and voila you have a siggy with each post!

If you are wondering about siggys and where to create there are a million places.. just google signatures for blogs.


Thanks for the morning TEEHEE!


Rachel said...

BTW - I LOVE YOUR PLAYLIST! It's my fave out in blog land.. a lil bit of this and a lil bit of that!