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Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Just the Two of Us

A quick layout of my niece Morgan and I. This picture was taken on Christmas Eve. Somewhere between November and December her personality blossomed. Typically not one to swoon when K and/or I came in, she was all over us every moment she had this holiday season. I can't say I didn't soak it all in and take every opportunity that I could with my fruit salad. Thank goodness for them. They keep me going.

As you can see, it's the standard 5x7 trap that I always fall in to. Photo off to the side with the title on the bottom, embellishments to the left. Hopefully that will change with my scrapping goals. A long time ago, I remember distressing the edges but only did it once and forgot all about it. Tanya started to do it in the fall and St├ęphanie followed suit. To have done it sooner would have implied I scrapped more than minis, cards and ATCs. I decided to jump on their bandwagon and add it to the edges of this layout.
As for my goals, can you say "spending freeze" The amount of stuff I have is nothing less than obscene. I need to create more. I want to create more. I need to focus more on layouts rather than the mini's I seem to do when I actually do something. I need to keep my space neat and tidy (how does one stop being such a messy scrapper?) so it isn't overwhelming or annoying to start a new project. My goal before I can shop again is 50 layouts (don't rub your eyes too hard. You read right) and 5 mini albums and/or projects. My only exception outside of adhesive and the occassional tool is paper - and only if I am going to use it ASAP. Not paper to just hold on too. I don't have alot so sometimes the perfect paper isn't at my disposal. I also reserve the right to purchase some yummy new Tim Holtz goodies that I know are coming in to my lss. Other than that ... 1 down, 49 to go. Anyone want to start a pool as to the date that I will be done creating these? Are you that brave? So, in a nutshell, here is are my goals:
  • create more and spend more evenings in my scrap studio.
  • finish the projects that just need that last bit if tweaking to be done.
  • finish my 6x12 album that I started at the spring NavCan and haven't gone back to.
  • Create 50 layouts and 5 mini albums and/or projects.
  • Use my stash! So important.


Closet Artist said...

Cute picture and beautiful LO! What a nice way to remember her blossoming interest in auntie and uncle.
I am REALLY going to have to join you in the spending freeze!! I like your idea of setting a number of projects to do/complete before purchasing anything new. I am on board!

brn2scrp said...

Good luck with your goal Mel ... you'll feel so good using up some of your stash, I promise! Gorgeous layout ... I don't care if you have a formula you follow ... it works!!!

Barb said...

Oh wow, I'm soooooo impressed. FIFTY?! I'll be here cheering you on. :)

And yes, I'm on a spending freeze too. Not for quite the same reasons... but because I have no space left for anything.

And no, I have no idea how one becomes a less messy scrapper. If you happen upon the secret, please share with me.

Veronica said...

She is another cutie. Great picture. I am loving the inked edges. Another beautiful layout.

Good luck with all your goals. I know I should keep mine as well. Hopefully this will be the year that I do. lol

Rachel said...

You look great in that pic Mell.. WAHOOOOOOO on your goal.. you so can do it! Yes.. a lil Tim can be the exception huh?? WINK!