My Favourite Songs of Yesterday & Today

Returning soon to a blog near you. New Year ... new music. Happy 2011.

Saturday, January 17, 2009

Creatively Mine Playlist

Sorry folks. An addition to blogs that I originally hated, it seems I have come to love. Mine, at least. I welcome you to my updated playlist - more songs added from yesterday and today.


Veronica said...

Great selection.

Rachel said...

BAHAHAHAHAHA... I so hated this feaure too.. then I open up the pages now and listen to the playlists wjile I am busy working on other things... PPPSSSTTT don't tell but yours is my fave... WINK!


Gine !!! said...

Great songs..usee\d to not like it my self,,It is different now. I often open my own or others blog just for the music :lol: