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Tuesday, August 25, 2009


Do you know what ONES those are??
Those are the three recurring characters in my new
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I did it!!! In September, just like the rest of the locals, I will be going back to school too. I am officially a university student. After a couple years of off and on debating -and repeatedly being told by 2 teachers & my principal that I am a waste of an Educational Assistant and should go back to school - I went to the Registrar's Office and made it happen. I finally just figured "why not?" The way I see it is that the worse thing that is going to happen is I am going to realize that this university thing is not for me but at least I will have the satisfaction of knowing I tried and still have a job I love. For now, I am proud to say that I am a Special Student with an undeclared major who really doesnt have much to choose from as far as course selection. See what happens when you finalize your decision two weeks after registration begins? I have spend the better part of the past few hours setting up my student account and e-mail as well as perusing the different courses. Unfortunately, thanks to my boondock habitation, webTV isnt an option so it leaves less to chose from. No Rogers for me. (unless someone wants to tape it for me each week? Beuller? Anyone?? teehehe) Discussion courses have 0.00 credits - - why do people take them? (would love some enlightenment there) English is full. French is full. Sociology is full. Outside of discussion courses, that leaves Intro to Psychology. Hmm .. not sure about that one. (Any comments/suggestions/advice from an experienced Psych taker?) Two courses that I would love to take are Intro to Antrhopology and Intro to Human Rights but again .... 55 minute discussion groups with zero credits. So, looks like Psychology it is. My sister told me that you can apply and ask for classes to have exceptions made and more space opened up. I am going to do that for a few courses and hope for the best.
So ... I am going to *fly* out of here and hit the hay after one more quick jaunt through the Carleton website. Hopefully I can find an opening in something that appeals to me a tad more than Psych. Either way ... at least I am going for it.
Nighty-night blog world. Sweetest dreams.
ETA: I just perused the Philosphy dept to see what was available and found something I would be interested in (Contemporary Moral, Social and Religious Issues) but it is one of those 55 minute, 0.00 credit courses. I am thinking this means that there is more course to come and that a credit will be awarded only after the final semester?) I will most definitely have to make a phone call in the morning...


Kataroo said...

Fantastic!!! I think your really going to love it! Way to go :)

Stay Funny said...

Congrats! That's fantastic!
My psychology classes were amazing in university.... my favorite ones!

PS Called last night, not sure if Kevin gave you the message or not.... Call me at work when you can.

Closet Artist said...

What an amazing decision! I can't wait to follow your scholastic journey.

brn2scrp said...

Congrats!! My dd starts at Carleton in 2 weeks. Humanities. Spent lots of time helping her register earlier this summer! Re the discussion courses - as far as I know they can't be taken alone, they are companions to lectures which ARE credit courses. In other words, some credit courses require you to attend both a lecture (usually 3 hours/week) AND a discussion group (usually 1.5 hours/week). So, ouch.

Re the Intro to Psych course, most undergrads end up taking it as an elective at one point or another. I took one, way back when. S'ok.

French - one of dd's friends has been trying to register for a French course at Carleton since June, seems they are all full ... they even suggested she take it at Ottawa U. Again, ouch!!

So it sounds as though you are going full time? Good luck with registration!!! And again - congrats!!!

Home said...

yay girly...I took a psych class with athabasca university,while getting my RN diploma. I enjoyed it. My paper for the course was focused on children with autism. I know you will do awesome in whatever you do:)


tinascrapbooking said...

Good for you, I'm sure you'll do very well :)