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Thursday, August 6, 2009

taking a *SLICE* out of life

Hopefully this new little treat will give me some motivation and inspiration to create, create, create. I had always been intrigued by this little gadget but wasnt willing to pay the money ... until today. And the only reason I was willing to pay the money was because I got a fabulous deal. Last Friday, en route to the States, Tanya and I made an impromtu stop at a store called Scrap City, which is located on the Akwesasne Reservation, just off the Cornwall bridge to the USA. I was looking for Glimmer Mist and had no luck. After a quick look around, the lady told us that, starting today, they would be having a Customer Appreciation sale in order to try and get back some of the business they lost when the bridge was closed. 30% off all merchandise. No need to twist my arm so .. I went back today and, for $189.00 (they don't charge tax on the reservation), I got everything you see below plus 5 pieces of Cosmo Cricket.

They didnt have the cartridge that I really wanted but I think I may slip back tomorrow (I am going to hang out with Laura at Auntie Ems so I am just a hop, skip and a jump away) and grab another cartridge. While I won't be making it a habit to stop there and shop (its over the bridge and past the toll booth. Plus with the altered customs situation, returning to Canada isn't fun), I think I may need to take advange of the 30% off and no tax and grab one more. Of the choices I had, it was the one that was up there with the Fa La La.
Yes, I am going to go and get it and, maybe tomorrow, I will make something with my Slice. I have been wanting to do this project for a long time but never found the right punches for it. Now I dont need to - yay. (think butterflies and Ali Edwards. It's not an original, but it is so pretty) Hmmm. I feel inspired!
Enjoy your day.


Closet Artist said...

Yay a new toy for me, umm I mean YOU to play with!! :D
Ok now we REALLY have to get together. How about next Tues or Thurs? Let me know.
Enjoy the toy!

Stay Funny said...

So happy! That's a good first step!
Enjoy your day darling and have fun shopping again! xx - Can you give me a call today at work (Friday)