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Monday, August 3, 2009


It has been so long since I have updated. Not even sure why I am doing so now but hey, why not? Many months have passed and there has been no creativity in any way, shape or form. Lost my mojo as I tried to work through some trying times and come to terms with the realities of life. Had some fabulously exciting news a few months ago only to be left disappointed and heartbroken, yet again. At least some hope has been restored although not fully. I have started visiting blogs again, although not nearly as frequently as I used to. Comments here and there but nothing consistent. I will try to fix that. To those of you whom I have neglected as I fell off the face of the earth, I am truly sorry. Thank you for letting me know that you understood and that you were there if and when I needed you. It was the silent support that I needed and, if I didnt have such a supportive husband and family, I would have been banging down your doorsteps. Please, never under estimate my appreciation.

August finds me trying to get back into the the things I had to give up and also gave up without realizing - crafting, creating, sewing, painting, photo taking and celebrating each day as I live it. Most of all, I am looking forward to receiving the go ahead to work out again. Oh how I miss it. August also finds me very busy with my 10th wedding anniversary, my step fathers 60th bday, a wedding and a gathering of friends to attend. Not to mention a ton of painting and house reno`s that I wanted to do earlier but couldn`t.

So, here is to a new month, a fresh start and the hope to have a creative and productive month. Here is to more blog updates so my few readers actually have something to read and the hope of the future that I dream of.


Closet Artist said...

Yay Mellisa's back!!! Not that I have been stalking your blog waiting for signs of you or anything like that. lol
Celebrating 10 years married this month, well happy early anniversary to you and your hubby.
I am like you in the lost creativity department but we can fix that with a creative date sometime soon. Oh and don't forget next month we are heading to St. Elmo's Fire for my b'day party. I'll get more info to you soon.
Hmm quite a long "comment". Can you tell I missed ya?!
Hugs and talk to you soon.

Kataroo said...

Good to see you back in the virtual world :) Sorry you have had a hard time, reading b/w the word son your blog and I offer you my heartfelt sorrows for what you have gone thru. The last time I saw you at Navcan, you seemed to be in such a good place of mind, spirit and body. I hope you get back to that spot soon. You deserve to be happy and fulfilled and to enjoy each day. I hope you get back to your creative stuff soon, because your really good at it :)

Rachel said...

WAHOO ... you is back girl!

Hugs and here is to a rawkin AUG for ya!


Kaytee said...

Hey Mellisa!! It's good to see you updating! I am so sorry for what you've gone through and I really hope that things get better! We were told on the Bad Girls boards that you were going through some hard times and I have been praying for you!

Stay Funny said...

Welcome back to the blog world! Big hugs dear and hope we will be able to get together soon for our date. Sendding the mojo fairy to your part of the town! xx

one and one + two said...

So glad to see you blogging again. Lets plan to get together soon to see if we can get you scrapping again!

tinascrapbooking said...

Glad to see you back!! Miss seeing you, stop in sometime :)

Barb said...

Welcome back, my friend! :)
Biggest (((hugs))) coming your way. I *heart* you.

zma said...

Welcome back! I hope you continue writing because you have a dedicated reader here. =)