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Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Food for Thought

Why is that it that I can go to a store with the intention of getting three specific things and never remember what that third thing was .... but I can go to Algonquin College for the first time since graduation - 11 years ago - and still remember what my student number was??? Just a thought that I had today whilst I walked around the grocery store trying to remember all that I wanted to get.
I am now not only a Carleton student, I actually have a class. After a few phone calls, lots of registration advice from my sister who is a CU student, and applying for some admission overrides to classes of interest, I am now set to take first year English. It was a closed class with no option to apply for an admission override but, thanks to my sister telling me to check courses all the time because people are still playing around with the add/drops on their schedules, something might open up. It was still closed at 10pm but had an opening at midnight so I jumped an it and VOILA! I am *web-registered* and will begin classes in a week and a half. I am anxious to get my syllabi and see what the reading materials are. They are working on their department site so it will hopefully be there by Friday.
Truth be told, I am second guessing myself now. I was excited waiting to register and felt a bit of a lump afterwards. Even though I am going on a part time level, it is still a huge step for me. Especially since the BA isnt my final goal. I was never much of a student to begin with so this could potentially be very interesting. I still maintain my worse case scenario ... I tried and realized it wasnt for me. Whether I stop after a couple of courses or go the distance, education is never, ever a waste of time.
Thanks to everyone for your supportive blog comments. I may be looking for more after a scream or two for help down road. :o)

A quick throw in about todays events ... I went to the drs today regarding my allergies. They are through-the-roof crazy and nothing like they have ever been in the past 3 years since getting them. Over the counter meds haven't really been working so I went to see if there was something stronger and if I could get an Allergist referral. They told me to switch up my meds and mix a few things together so, while she spoke, I thought to myself I would just go to the pharmacy right there. Small building. Once you enter the door, the drs office is to the right and the pharmacy is to the left. As I was leaving, I made a last minute decision to just grab all tha I needed at Independent Grocer and do a one stop shop. I paused to grab my keys just before leaving the main doors, which then had me step aside for a young man in black who was leaving in a quick hurry. I walked out directly behind him only to see pharmacy staff walk quickly into the parking lot moments after me. The person I stepped aside for has just robbed them. Had I not changed my mind, I would have walked into IDA as they were being robbed. I shudder at the thought. In all likelyhood, nothing would have happened but you cant stop those scenarios of people walking in at robberies and being shot from coming into your head. I couldnt help but feel lucky and wonder if some angels were in action because of how abrubptly my mind changed. When I think of all of those news-worthy robbery scenarios, I cant help but feel lucky. Hopefully, I never have a potential moment like that again!
Enjoy the day.


Kaytee said...

OH wow!!! That is insane! You definitely had an angel watching out for you then! That is so scary. My cousin works at a donut shop and she had a gun shoved in her face last month by some robbers! She is ok (didn't get hurt physically) now but she was completely torn apart after that! So I am so happy you didn't go in there!!
Good luck with the English class!!

Tanya said...

i just read this to John and he said yah I passed the cops as they went full tilt with lights on as he was just at the school. I would never think of that happening there.

Barb said...

Congratulations on becoming a student again! I went to Carleton as did my hubby. Good luck in your English course! :)