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Friday, August 14, 2009

Busted in the First Degree

So ... my Hubs comes home from work yesterday (Wednesday), greets me, then looks at me from across the kitchen. *uh oh* He looks like he has something to say and doesn't know how to say it. *UH oh* Then he opens with "so I have something to tell you and I don't know if I should be telling you this but I feel guilty about it and need to tell you ... but I am not sure if I am doing the right thing by actually telling you." **UH OH** He confesses .... "I was bored last night and thought I would read your blog and see what you were up to. I know about the quilt." ---> insert look of total devastation here <--- He says he felt horrible that he read it but felt even worse for keeping it from me. He knows he probably should have not told me and left me in the dark ---> continue with look of devastation and add big tears of disappointment here <--- but he just couldn't not tell me but it was eating at him all day. Then it made it all worth while. To see the quiet excitement and complete appreciation that I would do this was enough. I mean, of course I would have rather surprised him for our anniversary but to see how sweet his face was as he consoled me (remember those tears? I felt like such a dolt. I mean ... he read it on my blog. He reads my blog? WHO KNEW???????) He continued to tell me how much it touched him that I would remember the times when he talked about spending time at his grandfather's when he was a child and waking up in the cold farmhouse on a winter morning underneath one of his grandma's quilts ... and to actually make him a quilt (as opposed to buy) so he would have one. It was like he was humbled by what I was doing. It was a sweet and perfect moment given the situation. If you know my rough and tough man, to see him humbled doesn't happen often ... or to anyone. It was a very endearing moment where I looked back at the 10 years of marriage we are getting ready to celebrate and thought "my god, I love this man" (i think that often but moments like this just make it so much better) Of course, he fully expects it to be done by the 27th but at least now I don't have to sneak around and sew in the wee hours of the night. I simply have to tell him not to come in the room.

On that note, I had a great day with Renee today. Thanks to unemployment woes, I got to her house about 30 minutes later than I had wanted to but all was not lost. She took me to a sewing store to buy a guided presser-foot for my maching. Anything to make this quilting process as easy as possible. After we enjoyed lunch at Scores, we headed back to her place where the crafting began. She finished off a sweet ATC album (that I totally want to lift, btw) and I started to put together my squares - - - no thanks to Renee. I brought everything with me. Got it all set up. Went to sew and ... ack ... left my power cord at home. That doesnt make for good sewing, now does it? Renee brought her machine up and I was able to begin my process. Thank you, Renee. I appreciate your saving me. :o) After some crafting, we headed off to Jack Astors to meet Meg for supper. We had girl talk and laughs and a good time. Can't wait to do it again ladies and Meg - an all day crop sounds GREAT!

As for right now, I have been awake for almost an hour (it's 3:42 on Friday morning) after having one of those horrible dreams that wakes you up breathing heavy and in a sweat. I was bothered by it to say the least. As soon as I finish updated, I will curl up with my House of Night book (Untamed, book 4) and hopefully be able to grab a few more hours before I have to get up and head off to Cornwall where I am meeting up with the Auntie Ems ladies - Laura and Emma - for the day. The day may be tiring but at least the company will be good.

OH OH OH .. and I almost forgot. After one year of having a hole in my front yard where the interlock walkway will be going ... ITS BEING DONE ON SATURDAY. I am so excited. The gravel trench is not exactly up to par with the esthetics of home ownership and, if the wonderful hubs mentioned above would have just listened to me, it wouldnt have been there since Sept. 20th, 2008 in the first place. Not sure about the story ... puh-leeze don't get me started! ;o) Just know that it is almost coming to an end and that the ribbon cutting ceremony will be shortly after. So, that's what is up for the weekend. While I am basking by the pool and hot tubbing with friends, he will be sweating his keaster off. Love you, baby! teehee.

Enjoy your weekend, blog world. It's supposed to be a nice one.


Kataroo said...

That was a very good Kevin story :) Made me smile :)

Love the house of night, have you tried he mortal instruments series? city of bones, city of ashes, city f glass? I think you would really like them.

Closet Artist said...

You woke up from a bad dream and then settled down to read a "scary" book?! lol
Make sure you check on your hubby working hard at least once while you sip on a very frosty drink.
Thank you for coming to visit on Thurs. We WILL do it again soon.