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Monday, August 17, 2009

Interlocking? What Interlocking?

Guess who doesn't have a beautiful new interlocking walkway and step. Me??? How did you guess?? *rolling eyes* Looks like it is next weekend that this will be getting done. If it not done before the one year anniversay (September 20th) I will be having some sort of gathering when it is done with will be complete with a ribbon cutting ceremony. Yeash!

Allergy season is upon me/us and oy, no fun. This is my 3rd or 4th year with them and I tell ya - those people who suffer from spring to fall ... I can't even imagine. I am a week into my symptoms and I am already ready to cut off my nose and claw my eyeballs out. I have kleenex in every corner of the house and am going though it like crazy. I am also trying to figure out the allery pill formula. Right now I am taking the Shoppers Drug Mart brand (one a day kind) and they work when I first take them. By the end of the 24 hours, its awful. I am thinking about going to the AM/PM kind where I take them twice a day instead of just the once. Maybe there is a brand that works really, really well. Time for me to start experimenting. Any suggestions??

I had a great weekend. It was full of friends - old and new. On Friday, unfortunately, I woke up plagued with an awful headache so I had to cancel on my Autie Ems friends. Thankfully, that is something that can be easily rescheduled. On Saturday (after buying my new matress set - yay!) I headed over to Sandy's where she, Marlene and Tracy had a good headstart on enjoying the sun and the pool. Drinks on hand (ok - my daquaries were virgins), I joined the ladies for a swim, supper and then the hot tub. Karen arrived shortly after I did and Tanya arrived later that night. It was definitely a great evening.

On Sunday, I headed off to the Americas again. (yes, again!) and met up with a couple of Bad Girls. Jen (Sigmagirl) and Bonnie (Bonnie B) are two of the sweetest ladies. So warm and welcoming, we chatted for a little over 2 hours before leaving Ponderosa. They also had a friend with them and she too was very nice. The conversation flowed, ranging from scrapbooking to education. It made the 2.5 hour trek home worth while (it only took me 45 minutes to get there. Gotta love this new Border set up. Curse the issues between the Natives and Customs.

Off to continue another busy week. There were just too many movies to chose from last week and some pretty good ones released this week that we are headed to another movie marathon tomorrow. Time Traveller's Wife, Julie & Julie and The Perfect Getaway are the ones we are seeing with the potential for a 4th one. My family is in from Hamilton for the week so I will be spending lots of time with them too.

Enjoy your day, bloggers. Weather Network says it is going to go up to 39 degrees today. An awful day to be without air conditioning in my car. Oh goodie! ;o)


tinascrapbooking said...

Ask your Dr. for Singular meds, it's a once a day pill, very expensive but if you have coverage try it!! It changed my life, I had the worst allergies (and asthsma due to the allergies)then anyone I know. It's been years and I have no allergy or asthma issues at all!! The med works for a small percent of people but if you were like me, I was ready to try anything :)

Stay Funny said...

Interlooking finally!
Happy you had a fabulous w-end! Just left you a voicemail! Hope we will be able to get together soon! Enjoy your movie marathon tomorrow! Hugs

Barb said...

OTC meds... Reactine (cetirizine) works best for me. It's available in generic form from Shoppers, etc, and is cheaper than the brand name one.

Good luck with the interlock work getting done... I hear ya on projects that seem to last forEVER. *insert eye roll*

Anonymous said...

It was wonderful to meet with Mel. We had about a three hour ride home, but it was a beautiful day. So much fun to met with someone you've been cyber chatting with and catch up in real life. I hope someday we can crop the weekend away with Mel and some of her pals. Thanks for coming over to meet us!
Bonnie B