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Saturday, August 8, 2009

Finally Inspired

I spent the day hanging out with Laura at Auntie Ems yesterday. It was great to have some girl time with her and not having to worry about time constraints. Usually, when I see the ladies, I am just passing through and not there simply with the purpose of visiting. Unfortunately, Emma was away so I missed her. Next Friday though. I am going back for another date with the gals.
I started my quilt yesterday and managed to get alot of the cutting done. I laid out a few squares and second guessed myself but Laura assured me that, once it was together, it would come together and I would be happy. As I prepared to start, I became very overwhelmed with the project I was undertaking. Thankfully Laura, who has a bit of experience in quilting, got me started and helped me feel more at ease with what I was doing. My goal is to start sewing while Kevin is in bed. Hopefully I will have a bunch of it done before Friday when I will work on larger pieces while I am at the store. I have until the 27th to get this done ... wish me luck!

On a creative note, I am actually feeling inspired. Not necessarily towards scrapbooking but just projects in general. Because of the events of this summer, I have lost an entire months worth of summer projects and now I am hoping to catch up. I have sketched out ideas and taken measurements for the living furniture I want to make. Hopefully I can get that accomplished tomorrow when the Hubs goes to his workshop. I even you-tubed some wood finishing ideas so, hopefully, the finished project looks like what I am seeing in my head. I am very excited to do this and get things done in the house. As soon as I finish my blog update, I am going to tackle the spare room and start emptying it out. I need to get it patched, painted and new floors in. Once again, thanks to you-tube, I found a great distressed door project. Only, I am not going to use it as a door. I am going to unhinge it, flip it around and hang it on the wall as a headboard. Another projecgt I cant to more forward than this. I have to say, it feels great feeling more like my old self again. I am not a hundred percent there but I am closer than I have been in many, many weeks.

Until I blog again, I continue my journey to healing, creating and being inspired. I have a date with Renee coming up as well as a movie marathon set with my work girls on Tuesday (4 movies in one day. 12 hours of theatre fun). Friday finds me in Cornwall again with a Saturday girl get-together, spending time with some truly fabulous women. Lots to look forward to ...

Enjoy your weekend, bloggers.

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Closet Artist said...

Yay for creative time!! I'm glad the mojo is flowing again for you.
4 movies in 1 day? That's a lot of yummy popcorn. I can't wait to hear the reviews. See you Thurs!