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Monday, August 10, 2009

Let's Go To The Movies

.... let's go see the staaa-AAA-aaars. (do you know to which song I am referring to?)
I love going to the movies, once a month, with my (work) girls. I love it even more in the summer when we get to go to movie marathons. Tomorrow we will spend 12 glorious hours, at Silvercity Gloucester, watching 4 movies. Ideally, it would have been 5 movies but sometimes their showtimes do not let it work in our favour. Nor do their release dates but really, I am not complaining. Why not? Because we are doing another movie marathing next week too! This week we will see GI Joe, 500 Days of Summer, Funny People and The Ugly Truth. Next week we will see The Orphan, Julie & Julia and The Time Traveller's Wife .... which is an excellent book, by the way. Summer is coming to an end and, even though I would much rather have NOT been able to do this, I am happy that I at least have things to look forward to since things didnt turn out the way they were supposed to. I am getting together with Renee on Thursday, Cornwall on Friday, a pool and spa party of Saturday and now it looks like I am going to meet up with a couple of Bad Girls on Sunday for Breakfast. Turns out they are in Massena for a crop so why not make the trip over to say "hi" in real life.
Ya know, I am feeling better and more like myself. After all these struggles and even though I still have an increased urge to sit and cry for all that I have lost, it does feel good to be me again. In order to 'celebrate' that I think I am going to challenge you to guess the song above. "Let's go to the movies. Let's go see the staaa-AAA-aaars" If you can correctly guess which movie that is from, I will send you a lil some-some in the mail. I will give all 7 of my blog readers until the end of the week to guess. If more than one person guesses, I will randomly draw a name. Good luck to those who wish to take that chance.
Enjoy this crazy heat and whatever your week brings. m.


Stay Funny said...

No clue! But enjoy your time at the movies! Loved the Ugly Truth, want to see GI Joe.... Have fun fun fun girl! Looks like you will have a busy "good" week! Enjoy!

one and one + two said...

I am looking forward to seeing Time Traveler's Wife when it comes out. Just finished the book recently and loved it, one of the best books I have read in a while. Have fun at the movies!

Closet Artist said...

Ok I'll take a guess...
is it from the movie "Annie"?

Enjoy your movie marathon. Can't wait to hear the reviews.


Kataroo said...

so does your butt hurt from all the sitting at the movies? yikes mine would. what movie did you like the best? I saw the UGLY TRUTH again last night with Stephanie we went two weeks in a row...I am in love Gerard Butler :)

Kaytee said...

I was going to say its from Annie too when they all go to the movies. LOL That was the only one I could think of!